Welcome to From Florida With Arts, the Sunshine State’s premier radio show for all things art! Your hosts, George C. Sebastion and Mickey St. John, interview local artists from around the state, from all walks of art. Their laid-back approach and layman questions offer an accessible and simplified approach to understanding Florida’s wonderful artists. Feel free to poke around the site, but watch out for gators!

Mickey grew up down the street from George in Cambridge, ME. The two became fast friends, and though their interests took them in separate directions for much of their early adult lives, they never lose a beat when they reunite.


Mickey St. John

Mickey never went to college but got a job after high school with a veterinarian’s office in Boston. He later branched out into animal control and moved to Florida for the exotic wildlife.


George C. Sebastian

After high school, George pursued a degree in Art History from the Ringling College of Art and Design. He now teaches at the State College of Florida in Tampa.

Our Favorite Interviews

Here's some of our favorite interviews.  We've combed through, edited, and now share some of our most provocative, stimulating, and informative moments.  Enjoy!

Special Thank Yous

The Florida Arts Society

The Florida Arts Society (FLARTS) has been a leader in local artist support since 1964.  Thank you FLARTS for your service to our community.   

WBFL 102.1 The Belch

Thank you to Florida's #1 Classic Rock Radio for carving out 10 minutes of programming to support local artists and this show!

Gomez Yggdrasil

Philanthropist and restauranteur Mr. Yggdrasil has been a major contributor to our success.  Thank you Gomez, we love your Goat Curry!